Symbiosism Chain is aiming to achieve mutual improvement and common growth for users and businesses.
The Symbiosism Chain is a new blockchain project that created by Jeff Chen, founder of Maxthon Browser, and its team. Its goal is to create a new business model based on the blockchain technology - Symbiosism Economy Model.
What is Symbiosism Chain?
Symbiosism Chain is the new economic system that built in virtual network. In this system, consumers and businesses formed a ecological circle of Symbiosism System that based on both sides' mutual interests.

Online Behavior is Value.

Connect All Businesses and Users.

Enhance User Stickiness and Loyalty.

Reduce User Acquisition Cost.

Symbiosism Chain & Maxthon Browser
As the founding team's original product, Maxthon Browser will be the first product to access to the Symbiosism Chain. Maxthon Browser's hundreds of millions of users worldwide will become the first batch of Symbiosism Chain's seed users, and the early holders of LivesToken(LVT).
What is LivesToken(LVT)?
LivesToken(LVT) is the digital tokens issued by the Symbiosism Chain, which is the medium that solves the user value realization problem. LivesToken(LVT) is distributed through Internet applications to compensate the quantified value that users generated from their behaviors and consumed time on the Internet.

Easy to obtain

Users can obtain LVT through online surfing.


Distributed Storage Behavior Record

Transparent & equitable

Cryptocurrency that based on Ethereum blockchain

Large appreciation space

Token circulation will cause scarcity and hence produce premium.


Convert legal currency freely worldwide

Fast growth

Operated by well known Internet develop team, safe and sound.

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